It is sold!


Hello, dear followers. We had the most difficult, long days lately. I know I did not post a lot, I just did not have time, this last month we were working on house from morning to 2-3 am. To be honest, lots of things had to be done earlier, we had some trash from previous owners. So it took some time to clean everything up. It was difficult to schedule with window people, closer to holidays everything closed or they could fix windows in a 4-6 weeks, that’s really long time. Of course, we had only 3 days left to finish, so, we decided to pay for windows, when new owner fixes them.

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The figure

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Do you believe in cursed objects?

Honestly speaking, I never did until recently. 

Just a month ago I bought an antique sterling silver set of mirror and hairbrush at a flea market. I could not believe I would find something beautiful like that. It is a real piece of art. In old times people knew how to create and inspire, how to make people in love with their work. You cannot deny that. 

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Big DIY doggy pillow


Hi, everyone! I hope you having a great day)

Honestly, it can be decorative pillow for bed or sofa, or you can throw it on the floor and seat on it, I tried, seems comfy)

The way, how I sewn it is really easy. For bottom I used thicker fabric, which I had from recovering chairs. So, do nor judge the color, I did not want to buy new piece, I just wanted to use leftovers, I felt pity to throw them away.


I fold thick fabric on half and cut half circle, when you unfold it, of course full round piece. As for colorful fabric, I put unfolded thick one on the top of another 2 and cut 2 halves. After I kept folding and cutting on how many pieces I wanted. So, I had 4 of each triangles. I sewn together these pieces, cut the middle, making a round hole. I cut small circle and sewn to the middle. I sewn the long wide line of fabric around, did not want to make pillow flat. Finally, I attached second side, but left small area for turning it inside out and stuff the pillow. For stuffing I used old pillow, so I tried to save some money here too)

When I finished with stuffing the pillow, I closed the hole with a needle.

Here we go, pillow is ready, or, I guess, I will use it to seat on the floor if dog will let me)

You can make it taller, by the way, that line which connects both sides should be much wider.


Fall wreath

Yesterday evening I got inspired, only a few hours and it was ready. I think that the best stores to get craft supplies are: Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree.

I used the same swimming noodle, ribbons, glue from Dollar Tree and decorative plants, pumpkins, decorative mesh, burlap from Hobby Lobby. I had a hard time to find everything in a Dollar Tree. Well, you can pick something up in Walmart, but mostly ribbons and burlap, they have Christmas decorations only now. By the way, I already made new Christmas wreath, which I will share tomorrow.

So, are you getting ready for holidays?

What do you think I should make next? I really would like to make something new and it would be nice to see your suggestions, who knows, maybe I will start to accept challenges on DIY decorations) It might be interesting.

DIY Halloween wreath

Did you make you Halloween wreath already? Maybe I am posting it late, I meant to do it earlier, but something came up) I hope you will try this one anyway, it is a good idea for creating with children.

We will need:

  • Swimming noodle from Dollar tree ( I used red, it fits to my set of color)
  • Ping Pong balls (pack of six, I got it in Dollar tree)
  • Black light fabric, like tulle or organza
  • Glue gun
  • Glue
  • Black tape and transparent
  • Super glue
  • Markers( black, blur, red)
  • Wire

Bend the noodle and glue edges together with super glue, glue gun, for better results, I also taped around with transparent tape and black on the top (black does not stick too much to this material, so will not hold it).

Make a hook for hanging it with a wire, I bent it around and twisted from both sides, taped on the top if the wire.

Now my favorite. Cut black fabric on stripes of your choice, I did not do long and did not measure, I was making double knots and left some pieces to stick out of the wreath.

You can do how you want, I used glue gun if I did not like how piece of fabric looked, in general, just knots. I did not tale picture behind, it looks good with red color under.

Fun part, take ping pong balls, draw eyes and glue with glue gun in random places you think will look good. You can add some extra details, I thought to glue plastic bones, but Dollar tree was empty) You can add lights and some notes.

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