Closet, new look!

Hello, there! Today I gonna share with you the results of fixing a closet in master bedroom.

We knocked old shelves down
My little corner

Maybe it is a weird to have such a thing in the closet, but we have decided, that something unusual might be not bad. By the way, this stool. We found it in a Goodwill for 4 dollars, of course it is used and looked pretty old, scratched and did not have soft layer on the sit, so, we sanded it, I painted feet in white and attached soft layer with fabric on a sit. How does it look now? Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of last projects, how it looked before. I was in a hurry to finish it and put in the right places. Well, anyway, I am happy with results, trust me, it looked terrible before.

Recovered and painted stool.

What do you say? Is it better than before?

Another post about renovation

Hello everyone! I was sharing some pictures with master bathroom before. So, here are results of last fixing and decorating.

I painting

I am not saying we done all thing with our own hands, some things we do not know yet, so we hired contractors for making sower and bath top. It was quiet a story, they were working and disappearing multiple times and we could not reach them on the phone, but work is done and it is looking beautiful. Now we are waiting on guest bathroom being done.

Honestly, we did learned some things and our next house will be done more with out hands, just practice. All needs time.

Next to the bathroom is a closet, which we changed and fixed ourselves. But about that in a next post.

In a master bathroom, we changed lights by ourselves, painted the walls, put a floor, painted windows and attached the film on it too. On YouTube everybody say that to attach film on window is easy, but no. It was a struggle, which lasted 3-4 days. We had to through out messed up film and buy a new one. In corners it does not stick at all. We wanted perfect, but….We decided to leave like that, by this I mean, in the corners lots of bubbles, not sticked areas and nothing we can do, we applied liquid for film, we squeezed it out with a tool from the window kit. We cleaned the window really good before and still, bad result,anyway, it is fine, it is doing it`s job.

Have you ever tried to put this window film? How did you manage to do it?

My projects

This chair is from a Goodwill, was pretty dirty chair sit. I recover it with a new fabric. And I attached back the sit.

Same thing here, bench from a good will, needed to paint some spots on wood and recover everything. I have got the most amazing, soft fabric, which suits perfectly for furniture and we needed to take pieces apart in order to cover it. Doesn`t it look like new?

This baby changing table also from there, we fixed the drawers. I sewn a little cover for mattress, little soft blanket and I liked that) What do you think, should I sew baby clothes and blankets? I love little pillows too.


photo of woman swimming underwater
Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Do you believe that dreams might cause the problems in a real life? How about nightmares? Have you ever had a dream which made you to be scared of something in real life?

That happened to me…Since childhood I was pretty bold in my behavior, by this I mean, I could jump from roof of the tall building to another one, of course if there is not very huge distance, I was jumping to the ground from the first floor in the age of 6-7, I was swimming really far from the shore, that I saw dark water under me, I was jumping into the water from high and many other things…

One night, I saw a dream, I was 25 years old, I believe.

It was quiet dark and not sunny day for a beach, anyway I was there, sitting on my towel, on the sand. But something weird was happening. The beach was empty, I saw lots of towels, umbrellas, bags placed on the sand, like people were there, but no one was around. It is like, humanity disappeared.

I got up on my feet, turned around to make sure that I am alone and indeed, it was true… I did not know what happened, what mysterious power made people to leave their things.

I was on the beach in Odessa, where I used to go every day. I was close to the water, behind me was a wall with the old rusty stairs up, somebody drew graffiti on this wall. It is pretty much how beach area look in many places in Odessa, if you go up, you will see small food places, coffee cars (we have many cars with coffee machine in the trunk and their coffee one of the best, mostly in the center of the city), some small restaurants and souvenir stores. This time, it was quiet, even no birds. Sky was grey with dark blue.

When I turn to see the sea, I could not believe my eyes, my heart started beating faster, I hardly could breath, The huge wave appear in front of me, like tsunami, but we do not have tsunami in Ukraine! How?

I started to run as fast as I could, I jumped to the stairs and wave hit me.

I woke up sweat, I was shivering, I tried to calm down and breath, but it was a struggle for a while…

I guess, I was pretty lucky to get weird dreams and they were repeating for quiet some time. I had a dream before about me missing my other life and that dream I saw almost every night for about a year. As for this one,again, I saw it every single night for 3-4 months. Lucky me!

From that time, I am terrified of dark water, if I swim far and realize that it is deep enough, I am starting to struggle breathing, I cannot control my body and thoughts, I cannot swim, I cannot do anything…

Interestingly enough, I have traveled to Cyprus, for people, who does not know, it is island, not tiny one, but still at the middle of the Mediterranean sea.  Water surrounding the land, is it not scary?

One day I was walking at the center of Larnaka and I looked to the beach, people were swimming, some of them were sunbathing and I realized, I am on the island, which is much smaller then state in Ukraine where I lived before. This sea is also much bigger than Black sea and this time, it is around of me, other people and cities….

I started to shiver, I could not breath again, I was in panic, I could not hide from this feeling….

Finally, I learned how to control my phobia on Cyprus, I got used to live there, anyway, I did not plan to stay there forever.

I still have my phobia, I am not sure if I can get rid of it, I do not wanna try and swim far from the shore, nope…Just need to be cafeful.

person underwater
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Not my life

underwater photography of woman
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Have you ever had a feeling, like it is not your life? It is like you are in a wrong place, wrong time.

It happened about 10 years ago, I had weird dream, I saw very clear the rain forest, I was wearing leather clothes, I was running from someone. I felt a wind on my face, I was so scared, I knew someone chasing me, I knew I will die. I was bleeding, I tried to cover the wound on the side of my belly with my hand and press as much as I can. Finally, I fall down, I saw a piece of wood on the path, bushes, dust, just that what was in front of me, I closed my eyes and woke up.

Wait a minute, I woke up! But where am I? What is this? I looked to the window, tall things from stone and I am in one of them. No trees, no greens around, where am I?

My brain could not accept the place till I fully woke up. Yes, I know this place, but it is still not my home. It was so weird.

It is been the whole year, I was living with a weird feeling, I wanted to come back. I wanted to go home. I did not know how I knew what to do in this life, that I needed to go to college, where is everything situated, but obviously, I knew where I should be!

Every day, I was waking up and dreaming about going back home, even if I was home.

I do not remember, how this feeling disappeared, but the year past, it was stressful and I came back to my normal life.

Sometimes I have weird dreams, which impact my real life. They are so real and sometimes, disturbing. Where they came from? Why I felt like that place was my home, not modern time. I knew that that was my place, I felt that pain and was scared, I felt wind and smells…

What is your opinion about it? Have you ever had this feeling? Did you feel you are not in the right place and you just have to go back somewhere else?

For me, it was like old memory…

dream text on green leaves
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Mean little doggy sitting on sofa,

Mean little doggy enjoying the treat.

Mean little doggy barks at the neighbors,

Mean little doggy loves me to pet him.

Mean little doggy rubs his face on the soil,

Mean little doggy loves catching the bugs.

My gardening experience in Arizona.

I never been a garden person, but living in the house made it interesting. I guess, I love it.

This monster on the picture, is cherry tomato, I kind of do not believe it is cherry) Looks huge, there are already about 20 tomatoes growing. I recently, planted second cherry tomato in that empty space on the top, it has already small tomatoes too.

I have learned that if on the plant was written “Full sun”, it is not about Arizona, it is for California, plants here just getting burned, so, we had to make some changes, to move plants to the part shade or under the roof. I still not sure what is gonna be with the grapes, we put some fertilizers, watering weekly, but still looks bad. We had to dig it out of the soil and plant it into the huge flower pot. Same with spices, we moved them away from direct sun, I plant many of them together, looks nice, I think…

There are some pepper, 2 kinds of basil, dill, sage. Well, everything can be learn from experience. Again, I have never planted flowers or vegetables, all is new for me. Now I have many cacti, a few Snake Plants, Marigolds, Money Tree, Aloe Vera, Calanhoe and other…

These 4 guys I planted into 1 flower pot, but honestly, 3 oh them started to die. Aloe Vera, Calanhoe and this last weird plant were looking sad, they became soft and Aloe was brown. So, I have got new flower pots and plated separate each oh them. I am so happy, they look pretty healthy and beautiful now.

As for this guy, I have no idea already, what to do, I done everything, distiled water, keeping moist, we tried to catch flies for it, but feels like it is dying.

I am happy to say. that bunny ear in a blue flower pot is rooted, so, soon can be planted into the soil, I have many other cacti, which I cut from big once and decided to try grow it, I used also for 2 of them rooting hormone powder, will see.

I have got many shrub cuttings which I am growing with a rooting hormone, I will share my experience with it later. Also I am growing lemons, grapefruit, avocado from seeds, that`s another thing to share)

Cactus in a black flower pot was growing under the house near a garage door, which is uncomfortable, we could knock it off when it got bigger, so, I decided to place it somewhere else, when it is stronger and bigger, I will plant it into the soil.

That`s it for today, I hope you enjoying time staying at home just like me, there are many stuff to learn.

If you have any suggestions for how to grow plants in Arizona, I would like to hear it and thank you all.

Stay safe and healthy!

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