Strange trip


Last month when you went to your new home in another country. Darcy and I, if you remember her, went to the forest, which was situated near our school. It was Friday evening near the end of October. It was so cold and very unusual that evening.
That forest was really strange. It’s a dark place where we felt some dismay. My mind was confused, because I was hearig weird things, like somebody calling to us from the forest. It wanted us to go deep inside.

We went by the pathway into the darkness. Some trees looked like ghosts. My friend took my hand and I felt how cold her hand was. I looked at her. She was so quiet, beautiful, no emotions on her face at all. Darcy’s face turned pale, it was like she is afraid of something. My heart was beating fast. I was afraid as well. What would you feel if you went into the dark forest with your friend? I mean we were only simple girls, alone…
When I looked around I felt that somebody watching us. But Darcy didn`t panic at all.
We kept going deeper and deeper inside till we saw an old cemetery. It was mysterious. In front of us were a few large crypts and many graves that were almost destroyed. It was a dismal landscape.
My friend let go of my hand and strode much closer to the cemetery. I was standing exactly behind Darcy. But suddenly, I heard some groans and steps. These steps were so fast, barely I jumped into the bushes and looked around. There were some people. Perhaps, they were guards at the cemetery. Who knows? A terrifying feeling arose inside of me. I was scared. I couldn`t see my friend. Suddenly, people with flashlights arose on the horizon. I stayed quiet when they walked near the bushes and disappeared into the darkness on the cemetery. I felt a chill on my skin. In a while, I came out from my shelter but still couldn`t see Darcy. I really couldn`t understand what happened. Where is she?  I called her name but no answer back. No any sound at all…                                                                                                   

 All of a sudden, I noticed the movements through the gloom. It was Darcy. She appeared between trees in front of me. She didn`t talk, but I felt something strange. Like she wanted me to go with her somewhere. Her eyes seemed empty and so lifeless. She took my hand and we kept going by a very wide pathway. When both of us have got a river at the end of the forest, I noticed a huge bonfire. But I didn`t see anybody around of that place. It was weird. How can it be?
Darcy was still was quiet. I didn`t know why…                                                                                                

We came closer to the bonfire and stopped near it. Darcy was looking into the fire like there was something inside. I tried to find out what exactly it was. We were staring for a while into the fire, where the flames were like tongues.  Sometimes I catch myself that I seeing some strange figures. At the same time arose a really strange feeling, I felt how warmth filling my body, I felt so relaxed, happy and I knew I was safe. I totally lost the feeling of time.
 When the sun arose, I found myself on the street next to the forest. I don`t know how it happened, but the forest was behind of me.
How I have moved from that place? What happened? Where was Darcy? Was it just a dream? Was I sleepwalking?
I was alone and the sun light was so bright to my face. I looked around, some people were walking by the street. The cars, buildings… I saw all of that. But not my friend, she had disappeared.
So I decided to go home and call to Darcy.
When I came home, my neighbor Victoria told me that yesterday evening at eight o’clock , my friend Darcy met her fate.
Some man in a black car threw down her on the street near the forest where she was waiting for me.
Victoria’s story shocked me. How? Why did it happen? Now I will never see her again. I thought that I will go mad. She is gone. How to explain I was with her in the forest exactly at that time? Maybe Darcy wanted to say “goodbye” to me? I really don`t know. But that certainly does seem strange.
Sometimes I think that it’s my fault. I will never forget her. Darcy was my best friend since we were children.
After that every night she was coming to me in my dreams. She was smiling. Her face was so happy and brightly.
With time Darcy came to me less and less. At last she is gone from my life forever.
I think that she found her place in the universe and she is happy.


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Hi, my name is Nadiia. I am from Ukraine. I cannot live without sport, healthy food, art and just interesting things. Of course I love to share it) I have tried many things, I wish to try more and more, it never stops) I have so many interests that I am going crazy already) I sewing underwear, do some paintings and other handmade, love cooking and eating that! Of course, I enjoy if my information and my creations are useful to someone.

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