Broken heart.

Broken heart…

It`s always painful,

You believe and trust

In love and playful

Acts, so hard…

So hard stay grateful.

I cannot breath, I feel regretful,

My broken heart

Wishes some meaningful

Advice, the act…

My broken heard …

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Published by nadiiasstories

Hello, everyone! My name is Nadiia, you probably noticed, I have another blog about healthy eating and sports, it is my passion) As for this blog, I just decided to share my thoughts, my feelings. Do not judge, I am not a professional writer, I just trying to express myself.

16 thoughts on “Broken heart.

  1. What a lovely poem…

    Broken heart is painful indeed. It hurts us big time. At first, it feels like a dead end. Yet as time goes by, when it is resolved, broken heart’s gonna feel like a long, winding road that gives you lessons to drive through life.

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