Tree, sun and soul.

Do you think trees have soul? I believe so. Have you ever seen how tree cries? Oh, yes, it can cry!

Every living on Earth has feelings, mind, thoughts. Doesn`t matter if it is plant, animal or human. We all breath, grow, think, we all enjoying the sun.

When wind blows, flowers, grass and even small tree bends, just like life, some difficult situations in our lives bend us. Makes us cry or fight back.

So, we fight, we trying to resist and if we fall, we get up (at least some people, from my experience, people are different and some of them need help, their weak point of view did not teach them to believe that everything is possible, that everything is just for a while. We all know the saying from movie “Crow” – ” It cannot rain forever…”).

So, just like tree struggling in rainy day, it can get sick, it can be weak or can fight the wind.

So, people do the same, fight, survive, learning more about existence, about nature, rules of this world.

We have soul, we have choices, we have our ways to do things. All is in our hands.

Just choose, to fight and learn or just exist and dye without any understanding that you could actually live and to enjoy the sun.

Sun is life, it can give you happiness or can burn you. Make a choice!

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Published by nadiiag

Hi, my name is Nadiia. I am from Ukraine. I cannot live without sport, healthy food, art, and just interesting things. Of course, I love to share it) I have tried many things, I wish to try more and more, it never stops) I have so many interests that I am going crazy already) I sew underwear, do some paintings and other handmade, love cooking and eating that! Of course, I enjoy it if my information and my creations are useful to someone.

8 thoughts on “Tree, sun and soul.

      1. We cannot change people without first changing ourselves. The solution lies in an education system that allows each individual to develop his or her full potential of intelligence and creativity. Then naturally people will do what they have to do because they will have the means to do it.

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