Have you ever woke up at the middle of the night, wet, trying to scream but you cannot? As a matter of fact, not only cream, but move as well!

I know, I know, all problems in our head! You know, humans brain the most difficult thing to learn, to understand, that some people prefer to learn math and chemistry.

Why I had so many nightmares in my life?

I guess, it is because I am always worrying, always stressed, scared of bad results….Honestly, all reasons of bad sleep, our thoughts.

I had the most horrible nightmares, by this I mean, one in one. I remember opening my eyes and saw a dark shadow next to the bed, my chest became heavier and heavier, I barely could breath, I was watching him, he was just standing near. I tried to move my hand, but it is like the whole my body was numb, lifeless, I open my mouth to scream, but no sound, I felt like something was squeezing my neck. He started to come closer and closer, but why? Is it a spirit or a problem in my head?

I kept trying to scream and to move and finally I wake up, wake up from unusual sound I made, because couldn`t scream….I started to breath, room is dark and he disappeared, I moved my hand, but….It wasn`t finished, he appeared again, again my chest was tight and again my body numb…

Wait…Did I wake up or not? I wake up and could move, but what is happening again?

I am fighting, screaming, at least it seems so, trying to lift my heavy hand and when he is close, I waking up and jumping from the bed with weird sound from my mouth…This time for real, I am awake..I feel I am! Noone near, just darkness, me on the bed, moonlight from the window. It is quiet..All was in my head.

Can you imagine having this every night or at least 5 night per weak? That was quiet life in my teen age days)

Years passed, so my nightmares, I became more serious about my health and world around. I started to understand that I am worrying more about people, then about myself.. What if they will think something bad about me, what if they will not like something, what if at work not gonna be everything perfect how I planned. What if…Why should I torture my mind with that dark shadow the whole my life?

Why should I think about what if? Why not to live and take risks? Why not to think positive and be happy? Why to be concerned about someone else`s thought when we decide what we want to do with our own life?

Finally, in my 30`s and if I have a nightmare like that,so only once per year, but only if I had a really bad stress. So many years were lost with worrying and not building my own happiness….

Now I know, if we fail, we just have accept this as an experience and to get up, get up and go for a new goal… All is going to be just right, if I want.

You know what? I want and it will be. No more dark shadows next to my bed! I hope no more shadows next to yours!

Just understand all fears and worrying impact on our life, sleep (health) and in general- future!

Be smart and be safe!

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Hi, my name is Nadiia. I am from Ukraine. I cannot live without sport, healthy food, art and just interesting things. Of course I love to share it) I have tried many things, I wish to try more and more, it never stops) I have so many interests that I am going crazy already) I sewing underwear, do some paintings and other handmade, love cooking and eating that! Of course, I enjoy if my information and my creations are useful to someone.

42 thoughts on “Nightmares

      1. That`s what I am talking about in the post) I was worrying, stressed and had these nightmares, when I grew up, I started to learn more, to think and started to think more positive, he came less and less.

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      2. I don’t judge you 🙂 I try to understand. It’s not hard but sometimes I it’s a little confusing. It’s me though.

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  1. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    Quite an interesting take on nightmares. I never had them except once since I can remember exactly the same dream that you describe. Nothing external to me stresses me out and that has been true since I was 15 when I learned many self-defence techniques. On planet Earth, human is the only dangerous animal and if you know how to tame “any” human, nothing related to them can bother you. Sorry if I am blabbering but I like your writing and style. Just discovered your blog recently and enjoyng a lot already. Keep writing good stuff like this… bless you and love you 🌹💖👍

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    1. Thank you. Well, if you have learned from childhood that everything can be fixed and does not need to think what people might think of you, so yes, no stress. But my childhood was quiet different, I do not want to explain, but I was growing up scared of lots of things, I was afraid to ask someone at the street how to find some address, my mom mostly thought, need to be quiet and told me how to behave, of course, she is like that, lots of stress, oh people, what they will think…My God, if I had brains like now in my childhood, I would care less about bullshit, I am sorry. I am not blaming parents. Just now I am mad at some her advices and even her behavior because, she is suffering now and she done a few very serious mistakes which caused her health. The point is, need to seek for truth and right way to live and to see light in this world, not to be pessimistic person and balance gonna come to our life.

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      1. Oh sorry to hear that but I think I can relate to your mother. My parenting skills involve the same “safe box” thinking for the kids like your mom had. Since children (or teenagers) can be easily taken advantage of, hence as parents we should protect them until they are of age. By age, I mean at least 15 or 16. From that moment onwards, if you train them in self-defense techniques and trust your own parenting skills from the day they were born, I think they are going to be alright just like yourself. If I were you, I’d be thankful to such an awesome mom like yourself who kept me safe from many sick people out there.

        I don’t know why but I like your taking time and words to elaborate things. People are too brief on here in the comments section. Right? 🙂

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      2. By parenting I mean, that need to be shy in everything, even to ask straight question about your well being. Can you imagine a person feels bad, comes to the doctor for a blood test, the nurse has very durty gloves, in someones blood, since she does not care she reuses them for taking blood from next patient, if patient does not ask to change them, why bother, it is ok for patient, so it is ok in general. After the patient finds out that nurse had blood of sick with Aids person and it went into the blood of patient. Does patient be so shy and afraid to ask to change gloves? What if nurse gonna thing, that another nasty patient came to destroy her mood? Need to be so shy and polite and not to take care of yourself? My mom was tought to be that quiet and to smile even if something really wrong and she was teaching me the same. But you see how people are in this world, they take advantage of people like my mom and I had bad experiences too. But enough is enough, if I see something wrong, I will say it, I will tell I am not agree because it impacts my health, health of my family or just will give bad results in my future, no matter what. Need to be strong and take responsibilities for actions in order not to be heartbroken, crying, depressed person.

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      3. Yep… totally agree with you in that. However, still, I like your mom’s strategy to not seek attention until, of course, it is something that trivial like your describe here. She seems someone with a good heart and sort of lets people walk away without calling them out. Probably she’s someone who chooses her battles and does not fight every wrong or everybody just because she can.

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      4. Your mom is sick because of that careless medic? That’s is truly sad and the responsible one should be reported imho. Be a strong individual with a positive individual and don’t let such a bad experience affect your other positive interactions with completely different and new people than that bad medic. Btw, my E-mail address is and you are welcome to write me as long as you wish since on public comments section here, there might be some private information about you which may not be suitable for a public blog. Love you and bless you ❤👍🌹

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      5. Its out of habit and I do that to EVERYONE irrespective of their age, gender, location, etc. I love spreading love everywhere and to everyone with or without any reason. It makes me feel so wonderful spreading smiles and love ❤💕🎈💖🌹

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      6. Always welcome. bTw I tried to see your E-mail address in the contact page but could not find it. You can E-mail me a hi and I can respond there to add you in my contacts list. Take very good care of your mom and yourself… Love you and stay blessed 💖🌹🎈💕👍

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      7. Nadia… pls. NEVER ever apologize for your bad English since not many English-speaking people take that much pain to learn or practice your native language. Your English is far better than many less-educated native English speakers, rest assured. Stay confident and keep conquering hearts… your everything is beautiful… believe in that 💖💕👍🌹

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      8. It is important to know that our body and especially our nervous system purifies itself during the night. The mechanisms for eliminating tension (or stress) are due to the quality of sleep. If sleep is disturbed, the nervous system and the body will begin to accumulate these stresses, which in turn will impact a person’s life. It is a vicious cycle. The description of your childhood is very clear on this subject.
        On the other hand, you have understood that you need to change your state of mind and even though there are still after-effects from that early childhood, it seems like you’re on the right track to overcoming it. So don’t worry, be happy as the song say…

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  2. I don’t think Science has a satisfactory answer as to why nightmares occur. Probably your subconscious brain has some past issue or fear which needs to be addressed.
    Try analysing it or speak to a Doctor if possible. Meditation may also help. Hope you get well soon and have no nightmares in future.. Please take care..
    And by the way, your health blog is awesome.. 😊😊
    Please keep up the good work.. Would love to hear more informative posts from you, Doctor.. 😊👩‍⚕️


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