Sun is life, light in our existence. When Sun rises, everything in nature wakes up, plants, animals, birds, humans.

Without Sun life would be empty, dark. Maybe there would not be any life on Earth or I believe, there would be only simple organisms, which actually, do not need Sun, they would be adapted to live without sunlight, without this pleasant warmth. The organisms which do not use Oxygen to breath.

You know, everything what we have, beauty of the nature, this amazing blue sky with pink, red sunsets, wonderful forests with different creatures, all of this because of Sun.

Sun is life. It gives a power to grow, to breath and to reproduce. Sun makes us happy, it gives a light, faith and without faith people are nothing.

You know, when human loses faith, there is nothing to lose. It without faith it is just existence, not a real live when you believe in yourself, in people and future.

There is no future without Sun, faith…People should believe at least in something in order to be happy.

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Published by nadiiasstories

Hello, everyone! My name is Nadiia, you probably noticed, I have another blog about healthy eating and sports, it is my passion) As for this blog, I just decided to share my thoughts, my feelings. Do not judge, I am not a professional writer, I just trying to express myself.

7 thoughts on “Sun

  1. Really cool! It sounds like Whitman.

    About the Sun, couldn’t agree more. I live in a town plenty of sunshine. Every time I go to the mountains and have to spend nights in the woods, I always hope for the Sun to come early to chase away the cold. And I believe I’m not alone. Every single living organism–to certain extent–needs the ray of the big ol’ disc hovering in the sky to survive.

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