Renovation update 2

It`s spring! It feels nice outside, sun, birds, flowers. Today morning, I was learning about landscaping, then I looked to the window and saw a little grey bird. It was jumping around the cactus with fruits, I assumed, it tried to figure how to reach for fruit. When it finally got on the spiky plant,Continue reading “Renovation update 2”

Renovation update.

Hello,everyone! I hope you are doing great! Today`s post about what have we done in the house since last post about renovation. To be honest, we been pretty busy with other stuff as well, so, it might be not much,but still our hard work changed the look of the house. If you do not know,Continue reading “Renovation update.”

DIY disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer

Disinfectant spray 1 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol 1/2 cup of water 15 drops of essential oil (tyme or eucalyptus) Spray bottle Mix all ingredients together in the bottle and shake it well. Now you can use it. Hand sanitizer Aloe Vera gel- 2 parts Rubbung alcohol- 1 part Moisturizing oil (almond)- 1 tbsp. EssentialContinue reading “DIY disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer”

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