Not my life

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Have you ever had a feeling, like it is not your life? It is like you are in a wrong place, wrong time.

It happened about 10 years ago, I had weird dream, I saw very clear the rain forest, I was wearing leather clothes, I was running from someone. I felt a wind on my face, I was so scared, I knew someone chasing me, I knew I will die. I was bleeding, I tried to cover the wound on the side of my belly with my hand and press as much as I can. Finally, I fall down, I saw a piece of wood on the path, bushes, dust, just that what was in front of me, I closed my eyes and woke up.

Wait a minute, I woke up! But where am I? What is this? I looked to the window, tall things from stone and I am in one of them. No trees, no greens around, where am I?

My brain could not accept the place till I fully woke up. Yes, I know this place, but it is still not my home. It was so weird.

It is been the whole year, I was living with a weird feeling, I wanted to come back. I wanted to go home. I did not know how I knew what to do in this life, that I needed to go to college, where is everything situated, but obviously, I knew where I should be!

Every day, I was waking up and dreaming about going back home, even if I was home.

I do not remember, how this feeling disappeared, but the year past, it was stressful and I came back to my normal life.

Sometimes I have weird dreams, which impact my real life. They are so real and sometimes, disturbing. Where they came from? Why I felt like that place was my home, not modern time. I knew that that was my place, I felt that pain and was scared, I felt wind and smells…

What is your opinion about it? Have you ever had this feeling? Did you feel you are not in the right place and you just have to go back somewhere else?

For me, it was like old memory…

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Published by nadiiag

Hi, my name is Nadiia. I am from Ukraine. I cannot live without sport, healthy food, art and just interesting things. Of course I love to share it) I have tried many things, I wish to try more and more, it never stops) I have so many interests that I am going crazy already) I sewing underwear, do some paintings and other handmade, love cooking and eating that! Of course, I enjoy if my information and my creations are useful to someone.

6 thoughts on “Not my life

  1. Interesting 😇
    I so often see and feel the unreality of life. And I believe what I wrote in my blog: Life is a Reality Show!
    I see myself acting so often and find it strange that it is me doing these things 😂

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