Pool time sketch


Hello, everyone! I hope you have a very nice, creative day! I am inspired today, I have mode to do everything, to create, to enjoy, I do not want it go, so, I am sharing a part of my work. I think I really love to draw with pens!

Today, I am planing to finish my actual painting, maybe will do some sewing, will see.

You know, how is it in artist`s life, while we got an inspiration, it is better to run and do all, what I planned or to wait another month till this mode gonna come back)

I think meditation works good, also, I absolutely love YouTube channel Alux.com, you need to check this out, it has all in order to inspire, in order to wake you up from sleepiness and laziness! Go and create! Work on yourself, run to your goals!

Every time I watch one video, I am getting a power, my days being so creative and full that I want to scream. So, my dear followers, I want you be happy and feel that too!


Not only dream! Do all what`s in your power in order it was truth!

Published by nadiiag

Hi, my name is Nadiia. I am from Ukraine. I cannot live without sport, healthy food, art, and just interesting things. Of course, I love to share it) I have tried many things, I wish to try more and more, it never stops) I have so many interests that I am going crazy already) I sew underwear, do some paintings and other handmade, love cooking and eating that! Of course, I enjoy it if my information and my creations are useful to someone.

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