Hello, everyone! Late Halloween update here) So, it was my second Halloween and I finally carved pumpkin. Here is my first work, what do you think?

This time we decorated the yard more and I made Halloween cookies, it was exiting day.

I know, I know, cookie shape is for May 5, but I could not wait to use my new cookie cutters. Not the healthiest cookie choice, but I was not making for myself, we shared with neighbors, my husband loves sugar cookies too.

Not many children were trick or treating, unfortunately, we have bunch of candies left and I am not going to eat them, well, maybe a few) How was it in your area? Did Covid impact on your Halloween?

Tell me about your Halloween, what did you do? Did you make some your own decorations?

Published by nadiiag

Hi, my name is Nadiia. I am from Ukraine. I cannot live without sport, healthy food, art and just interesting things. Of course I love to share it) I have tried many things, I wish to try more and more, it never stops) I have so many interests that I am going crazy already) I sewing underwear, do some paintings and other handmade, love cooking and eating that! Of course, I enjoy if my information and my creations are useful to someone.

10 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. There weren’t quite as many trick-or-treaters as usual; it was discouraged because of COVID. I sat on my porch and tossed candy at kids from a distance so I didn’t have to get close. It’s safe and fun that way.

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    1. This Covid is less harmful that Flu, many people died not from it, from other diseases which they already had. How is it people stopped dying from cancer and other nasty stuff, like illnesses disappeared and everybody from Covid, such a lie. I am not saying that Covid does not exist, but it is like Flu, as a matter of fact, from Flu more people died. Places closed without real proof in order people were scared and poor without money. It was weird to see candies in a ziploc bags.

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  2. Absolutely wonderful carved pumpkin and biscuits! 😍
    I love halloween, unfortunately this year due to the covid I could not celebrate, my city has canceled all the events and banned us from going out without reason…😥
    I have prepared some typical sweets of my region called papassinos and cookies that represent Halloween. I really enjoy modeling sugar paste and have created characters like pumpkins, cats, bats and horror characters! 😀

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  3. Looks good! We do not follow Halloween here although the big supermarkets have been pushing it heavily over the last few years. So, that and the power of American movies will likely mean that in a generation we will end up celebrating Halloween 😉

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