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Do you believe in cursed objects?

Honestly speaking, I never did until recently. 

Just a month ago I bought an antique sterling silver set of mirror and hairbrush at a flea market. I could not believe I would find something beautiful like that. It is a real piece of art. In old times people knew how to create and inspire, how to make people in love with their work. You cannot deny that. 

I have always been a fan of vintage and history. I collect things, I enjoy them. Every time I buy something, I do some research, it is good to know a story behind the item. 

So, I did not believe in what I found!

The story starts in the eighteenth century in Georgia state. Apparently, it belonged to a wealthy woman, who lived alone in a huge victorian mansion. People claimed she was insane. First cats and dogs started to disappear, after -children… 

One night, citizens burned her in her backyard, where they found lots of bones. People say that there were bones of 15 children and about 34 animals.

I wonder what makes people do that? What happened?

This mansion still exists, no one lives there for many years. I thought only places can be hunted, but not in this case…

A month ago, I was working on my new book and I heard a sound. Something moved in the drawer. I came closer and it opened. The drawer where I keep my silver set got open by itself! Can you believe in that?

First was just this, but lately it got more serious. I hear steps, sometimes someone laughs in the backyard, things are disappearing all the time and I keep finding them in other areas of the house. I am scared to stay in my own house, I cannot sleep. Last night something jumped on me while I was sleeping. It was screaming. I saw some dark figure, which ran out of the room. Every morning I was finding this mirror and hairbrush on the kitchen table. I do not know what to think, I do not know what to do! 

What does it want?

I started to stay more at my friend’s house. It seemed okay for some time, until I started to see weird dreams. It is like a dream in the dream and this dark shadow was always there. It was following, it tried to get me. Once I saw a dream, I was swimming in a pool late evening, how I usually do, I dived, opened my eyes under the water, and got shocked, I saw a dark shadow above me, someone or something was standing at the edge of the pool, waiting for me to go up. It seemed it had long hair and long nails. It`s hands were reaching for me, it was closer and closer…and… I woke up, I was sweaty, I tried to breathe, but it was like I could not get air. Suddenly, water started to come out of my lungs…It was pouring non stop. I started to feel cold and dizzy, and here…a shadow appeared near me. I do not know how it can be…I heard it`s breath, I saw it is coming, closer and closer..

This time, I woke up.

It was a terrifying experience. I wish it stopped, just stopped, but unfortunately it is happening more often.

Lately, I tried to stay up nights…I am so tired.

One of my friends heard that somewhere near the river lives an old woman, who can help me. She talks with spirits. Normally, I do not believe in such things, but considering what is happening now, I have to try, I have to try all that I can.

I did not wait long, I asked my friend Lisa to take me there. Obviously, I could not drive, I was extremely tired after sleepless nights.

Next morning, Lisa and I picked a sterling silver mirror and hairbrush in my house. Thank God, everything went good, without surprises. 

On the way to that lady, I do not remember her name, it was quite weird, we decided to take a short cut. I really could not wait to talk to that lady, even if it meant to drive through the woods. It seemed a calm day, I felt so confident that my troubles will be finished soon. 

As deeper we went to the woods, as weirder my thoughts were. I started to see strange things around. I felt that somebody or something watched us. I was searching for eyes among trees and bushes. 

I told Lisa that something feels not right, I was freezing and was really anxious. She mentioned that feels the same and could not explain why…

Most of the trip we were quiet. 

It was a beautiful view from the window, I always was a fan of nature, these trees, sky, air. I took a deep breath, I tried to relax, to calm down, but it was hard work due to circumstances. Suddenly, I heard a few birds screaming, they were above us, and in a minute their number significantly drew to fifty-sixty, not sure. 

-Well, it is weird,- Lisa broke the silence.

-Indeed, to be honest, I feel something gonna happen. Do you think this silver set will lead us to something terrible?

-I hope not, but we better hurry!

Lisa barely finished a sentence and suddenly a deer jumped to the road, she tried to turn the wheel away,but all happened so fast…

I black out for a while, I did not know where Lisa was. I tried to move, but my body hurt so much, I saw a car, we ran into the tree, the deer was laying near the car and screaming from being injured. It was terrible, lots of blood. 

-Lisa! Lisa! Where are you?

Silence, I tried hard to move, I needed to see her, I needed to know if she is okay. I was crawling on my belly, my legs were broken. I guess, I flew through the window.

-Lisa, please tell me you are okay!

This terrible scream punctured my ears, poor deer, I wish I could help, but…

I managed to reach the car, I used a tree to lift myself a little from the ground. I saw her. Lisa is in the car, I do not know if she is alive. I really don’t.


I crawled closer to the doors, I took a stick, which was laying near me to get up. I barely could hold my screaming, it was painful. I opened a door…

Lisa was dead, her lifeless eyes were staring at me, she did not move, did not breath…

It is horrifying, I could not believe it. 

Now, it is getting darker, deer finally stopped screaming. It is my fault, if I did not buy this cursed silver set of b

Mirror and hairbrush, my friend would be alive, this poor animal would not suffer. 

I started to cry..

Where is my phone? I need help…Help!

My phone was nowhere to be seen, I did not know what to do, I was bleeding. I sat under the tree and looked to the deep woods, something was moving there. Something was watching me.

It seems I am about to faint. Everything was blurry. Suddenly some white figure appeared, it was her again, that old woman, who scars me in my dreams, the lady who hunts my house…

She was coming closer and closer…everything became dark!

No more pain, no more fear….

I see the light…oh, here is Lisa!

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