It is sold!


Hello, dear followers. We had the most difficult, long days lately. I know I did not post a lot, I just did not have time, this last month we were working on house from morning to 2-3 am. To be honest, lots of things had to be done earlier, we had some trash from previous owners. So it took some time to clean everything up. It was difficult to schedule with window people, closer to holidays everything closed or they could fix windows in a 4-6 weeks, that’s really long time. Of course, we had only 3 days left to finish, so, we decided to pay for windows, when new owner fixes them.

In general it`s been crazy, I been saying to my husband need to make estate sale a week earlier, some fixing too, he was thinking it is fine all at the last day. So, the results: we were tired, angry. Last 3 days in the house, estate sale, fixing at the same time + seeking for rental place.

Sunday morning, last estate sale day, of course, the best and useful stuff were sold, we mostly left with plates, cups, candlesticks and 2 chairs. No other furniture left. Good a couple came in, bought some candlesticks, cups, plates, we still have a lot of them. Do you think we are hoarders? Some people were asking if somebody old died, looking at our stuff. I started to feel really old, well, what can I do, maybe I am little bit old-fashioned, I love Spode, Royal Daulton. I think, I will try to sell some in new place, except my favorite, which we are using.

Same morning, new people entered:

-Hi, are you the owner?

-Hi, yes.

-We did not meet yet, we are the buyers.

(Oh, no, not them, not the right time, we still need to clean more, fix a few things because they come and check final results)

We really, could not finish some things. because we had so much things around, it blocked the access to them. Not like in hoarder house, of course, we just had really massive and heavy sofa, bed in master bedroom, lots of tools in garage, so, all is fine…

New owner said that did not know about sale, if he and his girlfriend new, they would come earlier, since they liked our stuff, so they bought lots of things, some paintings, some tables, glasses, shelves and other. It was easier for us, we did not have to move it anywhere.

As for stuff, which we were keeping, we rented a storage, we kept some small furniture, which we could put anywhere, our clothes, guitars, violins, vases, useful tools, doggie stuff. We fit everything we could there, I thought for a moment, that it is scary to breath since our stuff almost under the selling.

Back to the new owners, I did not know why, but new owner exchanged phone numbers with my husband. Later evening he texted us, that he understands we have lots of stuff, so anyway he will not move before thanksgiving, so we can move the rest of the stuff until Thursday, my husband said that we will try to move all tomorrow, but thank you for the offer. I thought, this R. guy seems nice, good he offered, we are dead tired and need a few more days.

Next day, we kept packing, moving stuff, lady who bought a bed stopped by, paid the rest of the money. We went to Goodwill, donated some furniture which left, and nobody wanted even for 5-10 bucks, old mattress from guest bedroom, vase, old clothes.

While we were away, our realter calls us and telling that new owner tried to move in and he is shocked that our stuff in the house.

Well, I knew there is something wrong with new owners offer to stay a few more days. There was a scandal, we had to pay some money, like we renting from him for a few days. Even our realter was shouting “Move out, move out!”. We sent him screen shot of new owner`s message, where he letting us to stay a few more days.

“That`s why I do not let clients talk to each other!”

Well, I did not know that the law, need to pay for extra days in the house, we thought he is being a very understanding nice guy. It made us angry, I think he made it in purpose to get money from us, if we knew, we just would not go to sleep that night, we would finally move stuff out and no lost money and scandal.

So, we took our house decor with us, we bought iron flower and lizard, which we hang outside for our house, not for scammers. I could not believe that we gave some stuff for free to new owner, some very expensive shelf in the office and another one in the master bedroom, also we left for him bottle of vodka. So, they want free stuff, money from us and we had to fix every single spot in the house, like for petty person. No one asks to fix all of that, I understand roof, plumbing, but to put new plastic strip in front of the house (drainage strip), to secure stove, because some stupid may hang on the edge and it crashes him. Wow, he could do it himself. We changed every door in the house, because we wanted make it nice and beautiful, we fixed gates, shed, painted everything, new bathrooms, putting green on the back yard with golf clubs, fixed the pool, plumbing, outlets and switches, new lights in the office and bathroom, well, we put into the house more than $70 000. Still was not enough, needed to be an asshole.

So, we move out, we came back to change that plastic stripe in front of the house, touched some areas with paint and picked some trash right before new owner came.

Our Thanksgiving, since we were straggling to find rental, market is crazy now, people were applying without looking on the house, sometimes web sites weren`t working. So, we stayed in hotel for the whole this time, from Wednesday to Tuesday, long time) It was good not to cook and clean, fix, we had rest from that, but not from seeking for a place and buying new furniture.

Our black Friday, we definitely went to Old Navy at midnight, it was calm, not like usual, not many people, no body was fighting for sure) We picked some nice clothes, honestly, that what I needed only. Not being crazy. Came back to hotel and made some plans in our journal, what place we gonna visit first, what time. We slept a few hours, rushed to the Macy`s, got diamond earrings for cheap, perfume with a free bag, some more clothes, all what I wanted a lot, I really wanted some suit (jacket with pants), finally, I found my size! It was calm everywhere, no crowds. Covid changed everything.

Only one thing we did not think through, we went to Bed Bath & Beyong, all what we needed was sold out. You know, we sold out pot and pans, knives and other. Well, we ordered online. But surprise, we went to another B B & B, apparently, it was store closing and everything 40-60 % off, oh, we were late, we ran inside and got at least one pot for way cheaper than Black Friday offer.

We finally applied for a rental, but due holidays we did not know if we got a house, it was a day off, we saw that house no longer on the market, we were worried. But we went to look for furniture anyway, huge sales, you know)

I have never thought it will be so hard, how these stores still in business when they have nothing in stock. Literally, nothing, we were interested in one model of bedroom sets, after we started to asked about any set that we saw, they did not have even ugly one, which we did not like, but we just need to sleep on something. We were in all stores in Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, Scottsdale. It is crazy!

Next day, we got the answer, house is ours. So, we got up in the morning and visited same stores over again, decided that any bed is fine. Funny thing is that we picked a bedroom set which was close enough to what we wanted, one store sells this set on thousand dollars more (with discount), than American furniture store, where same one we got for way cheaper. So, we got really excited with their prices (they did not have sale, but their prices were better than sales in other stores, still wat cheaper), we ordered sofa, coffee table, in tables, bar table with stools, the whole bedroom set, even extra pieces which we could not pick with prices in that other store and all of that was about $6 000.

Never again buying in that expensive store, why to pay more if American furniture has totally same for a good price. Literally same set, same quality.

Later we will come back for dinning table and chairs. I just hope, that what we ordered fits perfectly, we choose small sofa, so, I think we are good.

From move out day, we did not hear from new owner and I hope we will not, I do not like that guy.

Cannot wait to move in to the rental house and work hard on saving money for buying a new house.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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Hi, my name is Nadiia. I am from Ukraine. I cannot live without sport, healthy food, art and just interesting things. Of course I love to share it) I have tried many things, I wish to try more and more, it never stops) I have so many interests that I am going crazy already) I sewing underwear, do some paintings and other handmade, love cooking and eating that! Of course, I enjoy if my information and my creations are useful to someone.

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