Handmade notebooks

Hello, my dear friends! I am sure you already figured, that I am trying everything what I can, who knows, maybe it will be my passion) Before I used to make notebooks, I did love it and still would make them. I am not saying that there is something on the way, but if IContinue reading “Handmade notebooks”

Christmas basket

Hello, my dear friends! I just had this basket laying around, sometimes I was storing there some ribbons, elastics, after threads. This time I decided to decorate it and use it as a basket for Christmas ornaments or gnomes, which I making now. Have never made gnomes, but everything can be first time, right? IContinue reading “Christmas basket”

Pastel, old one

Hello, my dear friends, this one is pretty old too. Normally, I do not work with Pastel, but why not to try ritght? I still gonna try new drawings, since I have 3 different packs of Pastel, but I am sure, this time will be better. In the picture, another my classmate from college andContinue reading “Pastel, old one”

History “Shchedryk”

The composer Leontovich has finished “Shchedryk” as much as 20 rocks. Vlad’s hour of Radiansky, the replacement of the assessment of the composer’s genius, deigned him, as the first Ukrainian mitts. However, the masterpiece carol has become the home of the lights, it’s a pity that there‚Äôs not enough in foreign countries to talk aboutContinue reading “History “Shchedryk””

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