Ukraine I am back!

Hello, my dear followers! I hope you doing well!

Lately so many things happened, so, I did not have much time to post, but I am back to WordPress.

For now, I am visiting my parents and my friends, those who following me for long time, probably knows that my cat died about a year ago. It was sad and in general terrible time for my and my parents. Time past and my parents got a kitten, they really wanted ginger, just like our cat was, but some friend brought for her while cute little guy, whose name now Kuzia.

This little guy is crazy, my stepfather taught him how to scratch and bite everyone and everywhere with no reason, as always. He did the same to previous cat. Well, try guess, I am full of scratches and it burns.

I miss my dog and my fiancé a lot, these days seem really depressed and grey. My fiancé says that Oliver (the dog) waiting for me at the door. I hope he does not feel like I left him and will never come back. Honestly, we have got some problems, we could not extend my stay, due lots of financial and lockdown issues, so, we will have to start visa process again. Sadly, we have got lots of business troubles, which ruined all our plans. But I am trying to hold myself and be strong, all will be good. We will fix it, just need little bit of time.

I consider it as a simple visit, just a little bit long one. So, I will share my stories from Ukraine for a while.

My flight was quiet hard, I am sad that I had to leave even for a while. Also it is not comfortable at all to have a 14 hour flight and wearing this damn mask the whole time, my face was so sweaty that I was getting even angry with this bullshit. I had a flight from Phoenix- San Francisco- Istanbul- Odessa. I went to get my suitcase and surprise! What else could happen? They lost my baggage, like I did not feel measurable enough already.

My best friend met me outside of airport (security did not let people enter and meet their family inside, what`s worse, even to use the restroom). So, she met me with winter jacket, warm socks and hat. I did not have winter clothes in Arizona.

I was happy to see her, we talked, shared last news, she went home with me and had some tea.

Of course, since it is pandemic, I am at 14 day lockdown, so no fun. I have plenty of time to do sketches, to blog, play with a cat and read a book. Sadly, I cannot force myself to do all of it, so, I will start slowly.

In a few days my baggage was delivered, I was happy that nobody stole it, everything was in my suitcase, since I had lots of expensive things there which I needed for work, some clothes and gifts for everyone. My stepfather was happy to get his gift, I got set for fishing, some knives, cutters, gripper for fish, he immediately started to play with it. My mom got a mirror with lights, she really needed a new one. As for a kitten, I got for him some toys and cube with holes in it, so now he sleeps there and plays with a toy. I got some gifts for my friends too.

Back to the cat. Kuzia is very playful and crazy kitten, he is everywhere. I open a fridge just for a second, he is already inside on the shelf. Wow, he is fast, I found him lots of times sleeping on the dinning table. Trying to teach him that it is bad habit, but he seems does not care, he even eat some part of bun, which my mom baked. Bad little kitty!

Me and kitten do not know each other well yet, but I hope we will be friends.

Winter in Odessa, as always without snow, at least now, it is raining, gloomy and just nasty outside. But I cannot wait to go and take some pictures, I took my camera with me, I am still learning, but I am sure I will do better soon.

Honestly, everything weird here now, I do not really feel like I am home, I am ready to go back to Phoenix. My fiancé agree that it is not the same, to talk in the app or face to face.

Anyway, guys, I wanted to share some updates on what is going on now. I hope you are not mad that I did not post lately a lot.

Wish me good luck to take nice pictures here!)

Have a good day, stay safe!

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Hi, my name is Nadiia. I am from Ukraine. I cannot live without sport, healthy food, art and just interesting things. Of course I love to share it) I have tried many things, I wish to try more and more, it never stops) I have so many interests that I am going crazy already) I sewing underwear, do some paintings and other handmade, love cooking and eating that! Of course, I enjoy if my information and my creations are useful to someone.

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