History “Shchedryk”

The composer Leontovich has finished “Shchedryk” as much as 20 rocks. Vlad’s hour of Radiansky, the replacement of the assessment of the composer’s genius, deigned him, as the first Ukrainian mitts. However, the masterpiece carol has become the home of the lights, it’s a pity that there’s not enough in foreign countries to talk about the Ukrainian root.

Stronger “Shchedryk” by Mikoli Leontovich sounded at the Rizdvo at the chest 1916 rock. Її viconav choir of Kiev University, de pratsyuvav Mikola Leontovich, іnform resource kolobok. The first reason was not the first version of the composer’s previous version of the pre-Christian paintings, while the canopies were seen near the birch (“Generous, generous, generous – a lusty woman arrived …), since the old calendar was old. So the axis, Mykola Leontovich, has been up to the first vikonannya to arrange the tvir ponad 10 years. The first editorial office of “Shchedryk” appeared in 1910 to rock. And then the bullet and inshі editorial board, which, apparently, did not satisfy the composer. If Kosyts asked Leontovich to play a Christmas carol for an hour of the European tour with a presentation behind the cordon of Ukraine as an independent state, as Simon Petliura didn’t have to take over the proposition. Yak writing “Look”, Oleksandr Koshyts taking “Shchedryk” into the repertoire of the Ukrainian Republic Capella practically without the composer’s permission.

Ukrainian Republic Capela is small to break through the Russian information blockade in Europe and present a unique Ukrainian culture. For a hundred years, it sounded more stubbornly behind the cordon and sounded “Shchedryk” – at the premiere concert of the tour of the Ukrainian Republic Capella, which in 1919 was rooted from Prague – the Persians were found on the 11th grass near the National Theater of Prague, see “Poglyadomlya”.
And if “Shchedryk” has already become a free visit to Ukraine, the composer continued to live up to the carol, but the editorship was dated 1919 as rock. And in that hour, the carols at the light bouvie have been successful, so you can cheerfully respect, and the Ukrainian cultural diplomacy has respected the Shchedryk.
However, cultural diplomacy did not go into unison with the official diplomacy. “Regardless, the Ukrainian musical presentation of the victorious triumph in Europe and America, and 1300 triumphant reviews from the guides about Ukraine and the Ukrainian culture of culture, tact Pragmatic policies have favored diplomatic communications from the SRSR. 1921 to the fate of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, the residual was recouped by Bilshovitsk Russia for the next 70 years. Ukrainian culture and be-like evidence of the Ukrainian submission became a threat to the occupational Russian regime. In 1921, the Bilshovytsky agent killed the composer Mykola Leontovich, the author of the all-famous Shchedryk. And in 1926, Simon Petliuru was shot dead in Paris, “Podolyanin’s information resource.
“For five and a half years (1919-1924) in Europe and overseas, the collective gave concerts in Mayzhe 20 countries of the world (Czechoslovakia, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Nimechchina, Poland, USA, Spain Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada and Cuba). Vistupi droplets hunted at the cich lands of the Mayzhe 200 mіst, over 200 concert halls.
In general was given 600 concerts, cited resource by the Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Dzhereloznavstva im.Mikhail Hrushevsky Tin Peresunko.
Pani Tina presented the project “Holy triumph” Shchedryk “- 100 Rocks of Cultural Diplomacy of Ukraine”, and a message about when and why people started to forget about the Ukrainian roots of Shchedryk.

“In the English version of“ Shchedryk, ”having stubbornly sounded at the Bereznaya 1936 rock in New York in“ Madison Square Garden ”after an hour of the American music reader from the victorious choir, listening to the instrument of the American conductor of the Ukrainian hikers Peter Vilkov. He himself wrote the English text before the Ukrainian carols, re-translating it into American. 21 leaf fall 1936 to the rock Vilkhovsky got a new patent from the company “Carl Fisher”. The Ukrainian “Shchedryk” has been added to the status of the Ukrainian one. If you want to analyze the American press of the coming ten years, you can say that in the 40-60s the authorship of the music by Mikoli Leontovich has importantly meant that I will record “Carol of the Bells”. It took a long time, even when the song didn’t become just an American carol “Carol of the Bells” yaky varto doslіjuvati і development.
Before the speech, the text of “Choral of Bells” is shown as “Shchedryk”. It’s true that it’s true that before the melody of “Shchedryk,” the words of the call to the іnshy zmistu, lower the stench of “Shchedryk”.

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