Print of my drawing

Hello, dear friends! This drawing was made for my Diploma as well. I used this look for one of my heroes. The way, how we presented our Diploma, it was a play on the stage. My job was to create the look, to work on the costumes, wigs, make-up, hats. I did it all myself.Continue reading “Print of my drawing”

Red ink: Vampire

Hello, guys! Again old one, still from Diploma. Just making it clear, all about monsters and vampires are about 10-14 years old) As for current art, I love happier things)

Watercolor (print): Vampire Lestat

Hello, everyone! Today I am sharing with you my old watercolor from my college. It was long time ago and was part of my Diploma. That is the reason, why I do not have the original painting, our work for Diploma was kept at the college as a educative material, since we were doing researchesContinue reading “Watercolor (print): Vampire Lestat”

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