Beautiful ornament

Hello, everyone! I did not post for quiet sometime. I am sorry, been really busy, now I am learning something new, time to get new job, so, I preparing) As for today`s post, I promise, this is the last Christmas ornament, I made all of them on Christmas, just was posting one by one, didContinue reading “Beautiful ornament”

Sun ornament

This one made in a similar way, like the pine cone. I cut foam on squares and glued to the carcass. We need: foam squares, I did not measure, cut on random pieces (to be honest, very nice to make it at the end, when not so much material left, I cut leftovers, some stripes,Continue reading “Sun ornament”

Candy ornament

Hello, my dear followers! I am not done with ornaments!) Maybe 3 more and done for a year, or…I have another idea. What about papie moche ornaments, but that type of ornaments will need more time and materials. For example, I found a nice ideas at the Internet, like circus, clowns, animals and others. VeryContinue reading “Candy ornament”

Super Star ornament

We need 8 stripes 20 cm on 1 cm. Roll them with a glue, just like on the picture (like we usually do snail, but this time glue stripes, moving it on the lower part of the stripe). Cut protruding edges, in order to make it straight. Make small cuts on the sides in orderContinue reading “Super Star ornament”

Ornament with curls)

We need 8 circles 4 cm diameter (1.57 inch). 1 wooden stick 12 cm long, or you can use straight hard wire, like I did. Threads for hanging ornament and making a pompon. 1 0,5 cm stripe. Glue thin stripe around the hard wire, to cover it`s color. Next, mark 0,4 cm ( 0,16 inch)Continue reading “Ornament with curls)”


My favorite ornament! I think, next year, I will make 10 of these for my Christmas tree) We need 5 cm on 5 cm squares – 5 pieces. Some decoration of your choice, I used only one pearl for the middle. I thought to glue lots of small on each leaf, but decided, next yearContinue reading “Snowflake”

Easy ornament

We need 1 stripe – 0,5 cm on 20 cm, maybe a bit shorter. 1 stripe – 2,4 cm on 16 cm. 1 wooden stick or hard wire, which I used, it is important to straighten it well. I took 12 cm hard wire. Mark with the dots every 0,4 cm 16 cm stripe. IContinue reading “Easy ornament”

Ornament- Heart

Hello, guys) I know, I keep posting ornaments, when it is way far from Christmas, but I think there is nothing wrong with craft, maybe it is my practice to make better ornaments next year) I already decided which I gonna do again and which I did not like much, they are not bad, justContinue reading “Ornament- Heart”

Ornament with snowflake

12 stripes- 10 or 12 cm on 0,5 cm. (On the picture I have 12 cm stripes, that’s why ornament has a shape of pumpkin, but better to cut 10 cm stripes). 5 pieces- 3,5 cm on 4,5 cm. 12 cm stripe on 1 cm. 2 circles 2 cm diameter 1 piece 4,5 cm onContinue reading “Ornament with snowflake”

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