Ornament with curls)

We need 8 circles 4 cm diameter (1.57 inch). 1 wooden stick 12 cm long, or you can use straight hard wire, like I did. Threads for hanging ornament and making a pompon. 1 0,5 cm stripe. Glue thin stripe around the hard wire, to cover it`s color. Next, mark 0,4 cm ( 0,16 inch)Continue reading “Ornament with curls)”


My favorite ornament! I think, next year, I will make 10 of these for my Christmas tree) We need 5 cm on 5 cm squares – 5 pieces. Some decoration of your choice, I used only one pearl for the middle. I thought to glue lots of small on each leaf, but decided, next yearContinue reading “Snowflake”

Easy ornament

We need 1 stripe – 0,5 cm on 20 cm, maybe a bit shorter. 1 stripe – 2,4 cm on 16 cm. 1 wooden stick or hard wire, which I used, it is important to straighten it well. I took 12 cm hard wire. Mark with the dots every 0,4 cm 16 cm stripe. IContinue reading “Easy ornament”

Ornament- Heart

Hello, guys) I know, I keep posting ornaments, when it is way far from Christmas, but I think there is nothing wrong with craft, maybe it is my practice to make better ornaments next year) I already decided which I gonna do again and which I did not like much, they are not bad, justContinue reading “Ornament- Heart”

Ornament with snowflake

12 stripes- 10 or 12 cm on 0,5 cm. (On the picture I have 12 cm stripes, that’s why ornament has a shape of pumpkin, but better to cut 10 cm stripes). 5 pieces- 3,5 cm on 4,5 cm. 12 cm stripe on 1 cm. 2 circles 2 cm diameter 1 piece 4,5 cm onContinue reading “Ornament with snowflake”

Simple ornament

This one is very easy to make. All what we need is 2 stripes, 1 cm on 20 cm and a ribbon or thread for hanging ornament. Do not forget a glue gun) Glue the end of the thread to the thread and keep rolling around, like on the picture ( creating the angle). MakeContinue reading “Simple ornament”

Pink ornament

this one is simple to make. Honestly, you can pick your own size. I can 2 stripes 8 cm on 20 cm, or do it 1 stripe- 8 cm on 30 cm. How do you like more. Fold on half and make cuts like on the picture. Start polling it, secure with glue to keepContinue reading “Pink ornament”


Hello, my dear friends! I know it is quiet late with this, I am just sharing what I did when I wanted to relax. It is always nice to enjoy your time with yourself, isn`t it? It makes me calm, happy and also, I love the result. My advice, if you are upset and bored,Continue reading “Pinecones!”

Baseball hat for Christmas tree.

Hello, my dear friends! Many years ago I bought ice cream and this little plastic hat for a bowl for it. I kept it, I thought I definitely gonna use it somewhere. So, I decided to make a Christmas ornament. I picked very bright and shiny red, I think it will look good on greenContinue reading “Baseball hat for Christmas tree.”

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