Watercolor from college

Hello, my friends. Unfortunately, I have lost many my drawings and watercolor. I believe I gave it to someone or decided that some I did not like, because I was studying. I was not satisfied with some of them and throw them out. Now I feel sorry about it.

Old painting, part 3

Hello, my dear followers! How are you today? Todays old painting was made about 4 years ago, not perfect one for sure. Some of you might think that it is some Chernobyl horse with 8 legs, but there are 2 horses, just one behind another one) It is, probably, weird style for me, since IContinue reading “Old painting, part 3”

Another old painting

Hello, everyone! How are you today? I hope all good) Since I am in Ukraine at the moment, I decided to share with you more of my old work. I have some from college too. Some I will give as the Christmas gifts, so I better hurry and show you all till I have it!)Continue reading “Another old painting”

Cherry blossom

I started it a few months ago, but just today I felt that I have finish it and I can. Maybe it is not Shyshkin, but I did my best) My mom used to ask me, why all of my paintings are so dark, well, I guess it is my way to share, how IContinue reading “Cherry blossom”

Jewelry box, part 2

Hello, my dear followers! This time I do not pictures before, only after. It is another GoodWill jewelry box, which we decided to paint. It was brown with little bit red shade. We went with light blue, which looks fresh and awesome in my opinion) What do you say, guys?

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