Strange trip


Last month when you went to your new home in another country. Darcy and I, if you remember her, went to the forest, which was situated near our school. It was Friday evening near the end of October. It was so cold and very unusual that evening.
That forest was really strange. It’s a dark place where we felt some dismay. My mind was confused, because I was hearig weird things, like somebody calling to us from the forest. It wanted us to go deep inside.

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My first post!

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Hello,everyone! This is my second blog, so do not be confused if you gonna see similar name here)

Just yesterday evening I was thinking a lot. So, I would like to share with you my thoughts and feelings. By this I mean, I used to write some short stories and poems before, I lost lots of them simply, because I did not like them or with any other reason, but I kept one story which I wrote many years ago.

I am not professional, I am just dreamer. Sometimes I daydreaming about everything in the world. Then in my head appears some story.

So, I gonna share with you my world.

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