Picture transfer

Picture on the wood

Hello, dear friends! Todays post about another type of art. You probably already know, that I have another blog about photography. https://nadiiaphotography.wordpress.com/

I happy to share with you that right now I am working on my store, where I gonna sell my art, whether it is paintings, drawing or my DIY and photography. Of course, everything will be improved, in frames where it is needed. I will be happy to launch is next year and get orders from you guys, if you love my art.

I always wanted to sell my art, just was not believing in myself, but my husband convinced me that my art is great, so, we will see. Of course, I will be happy to hear your suggestions and use your own pictures too, if you want your portrait or your work done on the wood and will ship it to you.

picture on the wood

Wish you a great day, my dear friends and wish me good luck in my dream, I am getting closer)

picture on the wood, teaching my friend to transfer

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