Another day

Another busy day, doggy was just laying on the toy and staring at us. It is a joy to have a pet, this little creature always happy to see me, even if I went to water flowers for a few minutes. He acts like I was away for the whole day. Sometimes he does not let me to do a thing, he makes funny sounds, I see how he gets annoyed by me being busy with something. He takes a toy, puts it near with my foot and gazing at me with the puppy eyes. I used to have a cat, only once in my life I had a dog, it was dachshund. I was about 6 years old, when we had got Chico (dachshund). He was with a strong character and never forgot to do a mess.

I remember one evening, my parents and I were away for a whole day. Oh, he did not like to stay alone, so he destroyed my new book with fairy tales, he bite each chocolate candy ( I keep asking myself, how did he unwrap every candy in the bag), he pooled a carpet from the wall (yes, we had a carpet on the wall, sounds weird, Soviet Union fashion), he spread sunflower seed all over the place (my dad loved to eat sunflower seeds, but that day we were in a hurry, so he left a bowl with it on the sofa). At the end he through up on my bed. What can I say, he knew how to make sure, we know he does not like to stay alone. Pity, he was sick, he could not run or walk much, he could not breath if he runs.

Well, he died. It is hard to loose a pet.

Now we have a Maltese, cute doggy on the picture, he is 5 years old and I hope he gonna live forever).


Today was a very interesting day! Everything went as usual, house renovation, walk with a dog, feeding birds, fixing an old jewelry box… Suddenly, I have got a message from my cousin,whom I did not talk more than a year. Long story, I was calling, she never picked up the phone and never called me back. She had a hard time, but she totally changed her life and started to do, what she loves. I am happy about her, but one thing I do not understand, why she decided not to talk with me, we were always close. She said she needed a time and finally she got a courage to text me. Anyway, I am glad she is doing better.

I think art is in our blood, family thing, you know? She never been an art person, but suddenly, she is a painter and even sold her first work. I am surprised, but in a good way.

So, I want to share with you, my cousin`s work.

Happy Birthday to me!

Hello, everyone! Today is my birthday, so, my fiance got for me some plant and scrab book where I gonna write about plants, my experience and my feelings about it. Yeah!!!)

New plants for a back yard)

Hello, everyone! I am sorry, I do not post very often now, I am quiet busy with sewing masks and as always work in the house. I cannot say that sewing masks my hobby, I would rather sew pijama than that, but it is necessary now.

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