Tree, sun and soul.

Do you think trees have soul? I believe so. Have you ever seen how tree cries? Oh, yes, it can cry!

Every living on Earth has feelings, mind, thoughts. Doesn`t matter if it is plant, animal or human. We all breath, grow, think, we all enjoying the sun.

When wind blows, flowers, grass and even small tree bends, just like life, some difficult situations in our lives bend us. Makes us cry or fight back.

So, we fight, we trying to resist and if we fall, we get up (at least some people, from my experience, people are different and some of them need help, their weak point of view did not teach them to believe that everything is possible, that everything is just for a while. We all know the saying from movie “Crow” – ” It cannot rain forever…”).

So, just like tree struggling in rainy day, it can get sick, it can be weak or can fight the wind.

So, people do the same, fight, survive, learning more about existence, about nature, rules of this world.

We have soul, we have choices, we have our ways to do things. All is in our hands.

Just choose, to fight and learn or just exist and dye without any understanding that you could actually live and to enjoy the sun.

Sun is life, it can give you happiness or can burn you. Make a choice!

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Broken heart.

Broken heart…

It`s always painful,

You believe and trust

In love and playful

Acts, so hard…

So hard stay grateful.

I cannot breath, I feel regretful,

My broken heart

Wishes some meaningful

Advice, the act…

My broken heard …

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To motivate yourself is a great gift, which gives you a lot of opportunities. Opportunities, which open a million doors for us. So dream, work hard on yourself,stay active and never give up! Your life is in your hands. You build your future. That what you gonna have is your creation, you have that what you deserve. If you are a hardworking person, you will have that,what you were going for.If you are lazy- you will always complain that government makes everything difficult. All rich and successful people started somewhere too, are you different?

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You know…

You know…

You know how usually it goes,

You were born, then growing up.

You picked the knowledge to your heart.

You found a job and working hard.

You getting old and want to see the world.

You know…

You know how usually it goes,

You lived a life, you seen some things.

You old enough, you had your dreams.

You know…

Your time is passed…

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I am sorry…

Please, don`t go, just stay!

Don`t want to be alone today!

I am truly sad, what can I say?

My life could go another way…

Nobody said that life is easy,

Only you decide which way

You go and build your story.

I know, I was mistaken and I am sorry,

I am sorry I didn`t listen you before.

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