You know…

You know…

You know how usually it goes,

You were born, then growing up.

You picked the knowledge to your heart.

You found a job and working hard.

You getting old and want to see the world.

You know…

You know how usually it goes,

You lived a life, you seen some things.

You old enough, you had your dreams.

You know…

Your time is passed…

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I am sorry…

Please, don`t go, just stay!

Don`t want to be alone today!

I am truly sad, what can I say?

My life could go another way…

Nobody said that life is easy,

Only you decide which way

You go and build your story.

I know, I was mistaken and I am sorry,

I am sorry I didn`t listen you before.

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Why is it important to have a hobby?

Hi, everyone! Today I want to share with you something special. Have you ever asked yourself, why do you need to have a hobby? Have you ever tried different things in order to find that what you like to do the most? How do you feel if you do not do that what you love?

I am pretty sure this is obvious to everyone.

Every person has their own opinion on different things. All of us have own inner world, dreams and passions. Is it weird? Guess what? No. We all individuals, we are special.

Just think, one person loves to collect coins, another one adores art. There are so many things in this world ,which we can share.

So, let`s talk about hobbies. Why do we need them?

The answer is simple.People are depressed if they don’t have passion. From my experience, I was so miserable when I didn’t have opportunity to go to the gym or to do my paintings. I love so many things, they simply make me happy, so, I am that person, who can find something interesting in so many activities.

Well, little bit about my hobbies, I love painting, learning languages, sewing fitness outfit, gym, other kinds of sport. I adore cooking, traveling, having pets, dancing. By the way, dancing is a good thing to get rid of bad emotions as well!

Think about every moment you have done favorite thing, what did you feel? Were you happy? Did you came up with any solution after, how to fix things, which went wrong in your life?

Hobby calms down, gives you a time to rest from this world`s obstacles, yes, I do not call them problems. It makes you rest, to go away to different world and after with the refreshed brain you can conquer the world again.It is sort of the antistress, meditation. Is it not wonderful?

As long as we have hobby, we have time for ourselves, not only daily routine, like work,work,work. Every person deserves to be happy, so, find a hobby for yourself and see what happens!

Be happy and don’t let anyone to take it from you!



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It was simple rainy morning.

Nothing special I would say.

I took my notebook, made some coffee,

Wore my jacket and was going

To my parents little house.

I remember these nice moments,

Growing up with love and joy.

Parents love is always endless,

Don`t forget, they are important.

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My thought…

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When I am passing by the old tree on the way to my friend, sometimes I stop. I think,it would be wonderful if tree could talk. How many stories it could tell, what it seen. Just think, some trees live centuries, we would know more historical facts, you know, they have witnessed so many moments.

Do you believe that history which we learning is totally true? I believe that sometimes people changing it for their profit or just for desire being famous. As for trees, they know all.

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Beauty of the World

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Beauty of the World is endless, don`t you think so?

It`s full of mysteries, surprises.

Beauty of the World is a breathtaking ,so,

Just think about these oceans, rivers…

Veins of Earth, which giving life, so,

Don`t forget these mountains,forests..

Just make a breath, you feel that? So,

That`s a miracle, a gift of Universe!

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