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Hello, everyone! These days I do not feel like writing poems and stories, but sewing works good for making my mood better. If you never tried that, do not be afraid to learn, start from simple things, do not buy the most expensive fabric while you learn. I was doing that before and realized that I messed up so many good fabric, when now, I would make a nice dress. Yes, I still do mistakes, but I can hide them or even better, I unstitch and start over again. Not every fabric can be unstitched, you should understand, that leather or other types of fabric gonna be ruined, so need to sew carefully and sometimes slow, need to control every step. Start from researching, do quality job, double check measurements…

Cherry blossom

Nadiia Ganzhyi, painting "Vase with pink flowers"

I started it a few months ago, but just today I felt that I have finish it and I can. Maybe it is not Shyshkin, but I did my best)

My mom used to ask me, why all of my paintings are so dark, well, I guess it is my way to share, how I see things. It is probably the lightest painting I have made, but still in my style!

Nadia Ganzhyi, vase with pink flowers
vase with pink flowers
Nadiia Ganzhyi, painting
Nadiia Ganzhyi painting

DIY dogie bed

bed for dogie

I think it is not fair to sew only for me) So, today I made dogie bed, first try. Fabric is not really good for it, but it is what I had. Maybe you remember, I was using it for a stool before, it is definitely to staple on furniture, not to sew, it sticks. slides and little bit hard for my sewing machine, also easy breaks under the needle, so, be careful while you pick a fabric for a pet. better cotton or something soft.

bed for a pet

Well, it is the first one I tried, I also going to make round bed, some funny looking beds too, pets should have cute beds everywhere) I also add a few tiny pillows in order it looked like sofa.

dogie bed 2
Dogie bed

It you are interested to try this too, I was using this template, but it depends on dogie size)

Wrap skirt, part 2

Hello, my dear followers. Today I decided to make one more wrap skirt, but to change a front of the skirt. All stitches need to iron again, since it is my problem…My best friend always was surprised that I iron for so long time and stitches still look weird, as for her, one time and it takes a few minutes and you see good silhouette of the clothing. I do not know how she does that, but I know for sure, piece of wooden block helps her, after ironing the stitch need to put something heavy for a few seconds and stitch takes it`s form. As for my stitches, looks puffy) But practise!

Wrap skirt

It is my first try to sew exactly this skirt, I done other types before.

I honestly, feel like I am back to school in it, but it is comfy. I would sew it from another fabric, but it is pretty good with natural cotton too, I guess.

I know, need to iron more, I was ironing on the was of swing, stitches mostly. You know, if you want straight and beautiful stitches and lines in general, need to iron after each stitch.

If you are interested to try DIY wrap skirt, I was using this template:

Jewelry box, part 2

Hello, my dear followers! This time I do not pictures before, only after. It is another GoodWill jewelry box, which we decided to paint.

It was brown with little bit red shade. We went with light blue, which looks fresh and awesome in my opinion)

What do you say, guys?

jewelry box
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