Run away from a big city.

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One rainy morning I woke up with a very weird feeling. I felt like somebody or something was gazing steadily at me through the window. It was scary.

I moved to C. state couple of years ago, to the small town, where not many people live. Closest big town was about 55 minutes away. It is calm and beautiful place. Forest, river, mountains, all what I was dreaming about. As a writer of the love novels, I found this place perfect for myself. After my life in a big city, you know how is it, noise, gun shoots, pollution, very high prices and no calm at all, here is totally different and pleasant. Fresh air, pure water, peace and quiet, and my own garden with apple trees, tomatoes, cucumbers and many other goods. Of course, it means I should work hard for growing my own food, but I was enjoying that.

I was going for hiking pretty often, I always took my notebook for the notes with me, in case I have some ideas for my new novel. I really like to explore new areas, especially if it is a place where I just moved. I enjoy looking at the birds, flowers, sky, small animals I meet on the way. It is a paradise.

Since my childhood, I was imagining place like that, place which brings me closer to the nature, closer to myself, my dreams and passion. Nowadays, people forgot how to live in places like that, how to feel nature, how to hear it talks.

Probably, you asking, if I live alone in a such distant area? Yes,I decided to take a break from any relationships. My last experience was not so good. My ex boyfriend became possessive and never gave me a change for a me time. First, I thought he just in love and wants to spent as much time as possible with me, but later, I found hidden cameras in my apartment, even my phone was bugged. He was following me everywhere. He always knew where am I, whom am I with, sometimes it seemed like he was reading my mind. I think it is a serious reason to run away from the state, where I had successful job and nice place to live. I had to end my friendships and any other contacts. Only my publisher knew where am I and she promised to keep it as a secret.

It was August 2, when I visited her and told my story. I had to find another place. She was listening me very carefully. Linda,my publisher, found my story interesting and with excitement offered me to actually, write my life story, which I refused. But I mentioned that I having a great idea for my new novel, she is going to be surprised.

So, after our deal, I changed my name and moved far away. I found a nice small two- storey house with a wonderful view from the master bedroom. In front of the house was an old swing. As for neighbors, they were about 20 minutes away from my new home. I found my happy place. Sometimes I felt lonely, but it was a good chance to learn and work not only on my novel, but also on myself. Of course, I want to meet someone nice in the future, but now is now.

So,when I got used to my new routine, I can say with confidence, I feel safe. Each morning I get up at 6 am, go for jogging, have healthy breakfast and work on my novel. Day time I go for hiking,later take care of my garden.

A week ago I made a bird house and nailed it to the tree in front of the house. I was so happy to see that birds started to visit it. I am sure, there is bird nest inside with a little cute eggs.

Oh, yes, back to my weird feeling. So, one rainy morning, I woke up with this feeling. I could not explain what was that. I got up, came closer to the window, nobody was there. Maybe it is just my concerns, what if, he is going to find me here. It is two years for living in peace, but why this feeling appeared at the first place..?

I called Linda, she did not pick up her phone. I decided to try again later.

I made some coffee, breakfast, today, I have a break from morning running, honestly, weather was not allowed to do my usual routine. So, I planed my schedule for a day a little bit different.

First, I have to go to the big town for the groceries and paper for my work. I made a conclusion that I have to check pet stores and pick a dog for protection and just as a good friend.

It took almost the whole day to finish all what I planed. I still couldn`t reach Linda. It was weird, she always answered. As for a dog, I will try again some other day, they did not have many choices.

I put my groceries to the fridge and went straight to my bedroom. When I entered my heart almost stopped. Somebody put my red dress on the bed. I was not alone here. My body was shaking. It was heard to breath. I stepped slowly back, I turned around and man in a black was standing at the end of the hallway.

I ran downstairs, he was following me. I did not see his face, but I had a feeling I knew who is he. It was him, Seth.

I tried to hide, I tried to call 911, but like in every horror movie, battery died. I could not believe it is happening. He must be did something to Linda, she only one person who knew where am I.

Oh, no, pure, Linda. It is my fault.

Now he is trying to kill me. I went to the back door, ran through the garden to the forest, rain did not make it easy. I was running nonstop. I did not know where am I running, it was already dark outside. I barely could see what`s in front me. Finally, somewhere far, I saw the light, I made a few more steps and fall down into the deep hole in the ground.

It seemed, this is the end of my story. I could not move, my body was in pain. My leg, I did not feel my leg. When I looked at that, it was broken. I tried to scream, but nobody heard me. So, my life is only in my hands. Through the pain, I tried to get up. I failed. I tried one more time and finally when I stood on one my leg, I found a rood of the tree which was near and tried to pull myself out.

I was crying, my heart was beating so fast, I was scared. I did not know what gonna happen.

Suddenly, I heard the crackle of dry branches. I closed my mouth in order not to make any sound. But, he noticed me. He looked right into my eyes and stabbed me with a knife .

Last thing I remember, it was raining…

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This is master bathroom or no bathroom at all.

Hello, everyone! I am sorry I post so seldom lately. My laptop is at Lenovo, I had to send it to fix some issues. Still waiting for it, it is second week without laptop. so, I decided to work on the house while I am waiting for my working tool)) We doing some renovations in the house and here lots of stuff to fix, previous owners did not take care of the place, it seems to me that they were destroying that in a very creative way, holes in the doors,walls, weird looking technics to covers all flaws and fixing some parts of the house. So, these weeks I was painting non stop: doors, walls, exterior, we were fixing holes, changing handles, doors, cleaning windows and try guess! We are not done, lights in garage already working, yesterday my fiance took care of that, but it is endless job.

I have never thought before that I actually love renovating. I am tired at the end, but it is fun, to fix, to make house beautiful.

While my nonstop painting I have got small injury, or it is just swollen muscle on my arm, doctor said it is over working with my hands, well, yeah. Try to paint with the roller all walls, doors inside and outside, my wrists were so hurting, so no wonder that I should have some brake from renovating. I still would like to finish house as fast as possible, but it is ok. Today is a beauty day: manicure, pedicure and facial. I think I deserve it)

House already looking better even half way to finish. I have got a few more flower pots, we have got also a few bird houses and food for them, new chairs for outside and gazebo. Oh,yes, I have got some seeds to plain flowers on the front yard. All is coming together)

I guess, we have the most unusual house already, I am about our view of painting it.

Tell me,what do you think about it? Have you even renovate the house? What would you do in your house?


Hello, everyone! I hope everybody had a nice Valentine`s day! I had nice one, nice flowers, candies in metal box, you know, I love beautiful boxes. I usually think, what I gonna keep there before I eat all candies. Well, anyway, I eat candies very seldom, trying to stick to healthy routine, but you know, in holidays it is ok to try) I even have got Avocado pillow and a plant Venus. Now I am hoping to catch a fly)

That`s interesting how nature surprises us, right? Plants eating insects…

There are lots of kinds of plants, which do that. Some of them look scary, some smell really bad, but that`s how they trap their prey.

I have never seen this plant before, I mean I saw that only on TV, I know,sounds weird.

So, first time I saw Vinus, I was walking around like a child, could not leave that area, I kept saying how cute it is.Well,we got it, I guess less flies for dog, he loves chasing them.This plant is another reason why I thing that nature is wonderful. There are so many unknown flora and fauna in the world.

What about you? Have you ever had this plant? I always worrying about taking care of plants, I always do some mistakes. I know there is lots of information in the Internet and on the box with this cute plant were some instructions. The point is, I always follow instructions and always something wrong at the end. I hope this time we gonna be friends with Vinus.

Just so you know, cactus died before, I guess, it was shaked to death in the suitcase before came tome, that`s why, but who knows.

Have a great day!


Sun is life, light in our existence. When Sun rises, everything in nature wakes up, plants, animals, birds, humans.

Without Sun life would be empty, dark. Maybe there would not be any life on Earth or I believe, there would be only simple organisms, which actually, do not need Sun, they would be adapted to live without sunlight, without this pleasant warmth. The organisms which do not use Oxygen to breath.

You know, everything what we have, beauty of the nature, this amazing blue sky with pink, red sunsets, wonderful forests with different creatures, all of this because of Sun.

Sun is life. It gives a power to grow, to breath and to reproduce. Sun makes us happy, it gives a light, faith and without faith people are nothing.

You know, when human loses faith, there is nothing to lose. It without faith it is just existence, not a real live when you believe in yourself, in people and future.

There is no future without Sun, faith…People should believe at least in something in order to be happy.

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