We were studying nude

To be honest, I missed drawing like that. I have an idea! After this lockdown, I want to gather some my friends, who enjoys drawing, left not so many, but there are a few and we will find model for creating our art! I am not talking about nude, in general model, can be inContinue reading “We were studying nude”

Watercolor from college

Hello, my friends. Unfortunately, I have lost many my drawings and watercolor. I believe I gave it to someone or decided that some I did not like, because I was studying. I was not satisfied with some of them and throw them out. Now I feel sorry about it.

Handmade notebooks

Hello, my dear friends! I am sure you already figured, that I am trying everything what I can, who knows, maybe it will be my passion) Before I used to make notebooks, I did love it and still would make them. I am not saying that there is something on the way, but if IContinue reading “Handmade notebooks”

Old painting, part 3

Hello, my dear followers! How are you today? Todays old painting was made about 4 years ago, not perfect one for sure. Some of you might think that it is some Chernobyl horse with 8 legs, but there are 2 horses, just one behind another one) It is, probably, weird style for me, since IContinue reading “Old painting, part 3”

Another old painting

Hello, everyone! How are you today? I hope all good) Since I am in Ukraine at the moment, I decided to share with you more of my old work. I have some from college too. Some I will give as the Christmas gifts, so I better hurry and show you all till I have it!)Continue reading “Another old painting”

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