Pastel, old one

Hello, my dear friends, this one is pretty old too. Normally, I do not work with Pastel, but why not to try ritght? I still gonna try new drawings, since I have 3 different packs of Pastel, but I am sure, this time will be better. In the picture, another my classmate from college andContinue reading “Pastel, old one”

Old painting, part 3

Hello, my dear followers! How are you today? Todays old painting was made about 4 years ago, not perfect one for sure. Some of you might think that it is some Chernobyl horse with 8 legs, but there are 2 horses, just one behind another one) It is, probably, weird style for me, since IContinue reading “Old painting, part 3”

Pool time sketch

Hello, everyone! I hope you have a very nice, creative day! I am inspired today, I have mode to do everything, to create, to enjoy, I do not want it go, so, I am sharing a part of my work. I think I really love to draw with pens! Today, I am planing to finishContinue reading “Pool time sketch”

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